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I have been working since 2019. I am proficient in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing & web development.

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Welcome to my world of visual transformation! I am your Photoshop expert and professional image retoucher, dedicated to elevating your photos. Whether it’s perfecting portraits, enhancing product images, or creating captivating visual effects, I’ve got you covered.

With a wealth of experience and mastery of Photoshop, I ensure your images stay cutting-edge. I value your time and meet your deadlines without compromising quality. Join me in the world of Photoshop excellence and unlock the potential of your visuals.


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Photo Editing


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Graphic Design

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I provide a wide range of photo editing services including retouching, color correction, face swapping, and more.

Branding services encompass logo design, creating brand guides, and handling brand printing to ensure a consistent and cohesive visual identity.

My digital marketing services encompass managing social media accounts, promoting businesses on platforms like Facebook and YouTube, and developing strategies for online presence and visibility.

Clients can get started by reaching out through my website or contacting me directly. From there, we’ll discuss their specific needs and create a tailored plan.

I typically begin with a consultation to understand the client’s vision and requirements. From there, I provide regular updates and ensure the final deliverables meet their expectations.

I’m open to revisions and adjustments to ensure the client is completely satisfied with the final product. Clear communication is key throughout the process.

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I couldn't be happier with the photo editing services provided by Jamil Hossain. They have a keen eye for detail and a creative touch that truly sets them apart. My business's visual content has never looked better!

Samantha M. - New York, NY

I've worked with Jamil Hossain on several video editing projects, and the results are consistently outstanding. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality shine through. I highly recommend their services

Michael R. - Los Angeles, CA

When it comes to digital marketing, Jamil Hossain is a true professional. Their strategies have significantly boosted our online presence and helped our business thrive. Their dedication to our success is evident in every step of the process.

Emily B. - Chicago, IL

Jamil Hossain has been instrumental in our online growth. Their photo editing and digital marketing services have helped us reach a wider audience and increase our sales. I'm extremely satisfied with the results.

David S. - Houston, TX

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Diigital Marketing

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